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Gather your friends for girls night to learn how to make soap and take home a half of a loaf of soap (roughly 5 pieces) for $65.00 a person. This includes host to guide you through the process as well as all basic items required to make soap. Please contact/text Theresa at (417)658-9138 for details of how prior parties have experienced their night of fun and then gather your group and plan on a fantastic experience!


**Minimum 4 persons to a group, price includes base product and up to two essential oils for each loaf. All items required to make soaps are supplied. Parents love to do this class with this teens as a wonderful bonding expereince. 

Soap Workshop AKA Party

  • 48 hour cancelation policy for full refund. 

  • For the Holidays, these gifts are well received by loved ones as a personal touch from your heart. Parents bond with their teens over this product making expereince. Anyone under the age of 18 has to be watched over by their parent, children under the age of 16 are discouraged only due to the caustic nature of the soap in the soap making process. We love our children and we know they can sometimes get excited or impulsive without meaning to do anything wrong so please understand the danger to their skin if they touch the soap prior to cooling or curing of the product. This workshop is meant to produce a fun expereince with a product you can use that is good for skin. Many participants come back yearly. Times are listed below but include every Tuesday night during the week from 5-7pm and the second Saturday of the month. It is a mimum of 4 persons per group unless you purchase the additional loaf product of 'Whole Loaf' which can accomodate two persons for 2 whole loafs (20-24 bars of soap). You will contact me for scheduling using this website or my personal contact of (417)658-9138. This is local to the area of Tulsa Oklahoma only. We do not currently travel but plan to in the future. The AirBnB's are outstanding near us and there is a lot to do in the Tulsa area. 

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